Pulp cells are a 100% natural product obtained by separating the pulp from the pressed juice. Whether in juice, smoothies or yoghurt desserts, the pulp cells give products a natural added avour and texture. Therefore, it can make drinks with a low juice concentration more natural and give them a much more fruity sensation. These ingredients, however, are increasingly highly valued, i.e. in fruit preparations. The pulp cells are obtained when we process our citrus fruits.

Thanks to the most modern technologies, pulp cells from Quirante Fruits will allow your product to bene t from an extended shelf life and minimal variation in size and shape. The pulp cells are pasteurized and/or frozen in order to guarantee perfect preservation. They contain no added preservatives, colourings or essences and are suitable for human consumption.

They are mostly used for:

– Consistency in the production of fruit drinks

– Baking

– Ice cream

– Jams

– Syrups

– Refreshments

We offer cells of different fruit such as:

Our transport options are mainly:


24.000 kg


24.000 kg


1.600 kg


180 – 260 kg

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